David Linton




(a 5 minute exposure burns a hole)

The photos with more mistakes are preferred.

Landscapes, what can we do?

On the last page of my photo book I wrote:


I think I have been put off photography for the rest of my life

I wanted to elevate life.

There is more in the gesture of giving someone a coffee, a cup

There is more in the touch of another's leg. There is a conspiracy of permanence with another.

I see the opposite in a photo - fleeting, wilfully false.

The worst kind of friend, really.


I have a problem with photography.

The camera is too good at capturing reality. I don't think anyone is particularly interested in this.

You really have to add something, or take something away.

We prefer to be in a cave in a cave. This is where we find our place. This is where we exist.

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